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‘Fashion is in the air, it is borne on the wind, you can sense it, you can breathe it, it’s in the sky and on the highway, it’s everywhere, it has to do with ideas, with social mores, with events’ – Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel

Beauty is everywhere – whether it’s beauty in people, places or the unseen! Thank you for visiting my little space of the internet where all I do is talk about beauty, fashion and lifestyle! I am a total beauty addict and shopaholic! Inspired by the latest in beauty and obsessed with makeup. Sharing my secret shopping addiction, talking lipstick, heels and all things pretty with a weakness for sparkle. I graduated  from the London College of Fashion and have a background in fashion buying. I thought rather than texting all my friends once I had discovered the best new mascara or amazing new skinny jeans I would put all my thoughts, new finds and loves all in one place, so here it is…

If you love make-up, beauty and style advice you will feel right at home here. I have plenty of product reviews, make-up tutorials and style edits so grab a drink and indulge into my world of beauty and fashion. If you want to know more about why and how I started blogging you can start with this post here.

A few facts about me…

  1. Peonies, dancing and my little girl make me happy (also who doesn’t love a little Disney!)
  2. I have a nut allergy which also means I cannot review beauty products that contain almond or coconut oil. (I know coconut is technically a fruit but it still gives me hives!)
  3. You will find me mainly on the gram 

Join me on my journey juggling lipstick, laughter and love ♥

Secret Style File

You can also find me on TwitterInstagram and  Facebook, don’t be shy come and say hello and ask me anything! Please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel which is an extension of the Secret Style File blog with beauty reviews, monthly favourites, tutorials and general girly chats. You can also find me doing video tutorials for Asiana.tv and various guest posts for beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Shortlisted for…

Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 (Best use of Social Media), UK Blog Awards 2015, Beauty Blogger Awards 2015 (Best Blog Design)

For all media and press enquiries please contact me on secretstylefile@gmail.com  you can also download my Media Kit here ♥

Not all of the images used in this blog are my own (especially in older posts) so if you have seen images that are yours and would like them removed or credited please get in touch ♥

All content on this blog is written by myself Trusha, unless stated otherwise. Please don’t use any photographs without asking permission. If posts or videos are sponsored, they will be clearly specified.

I am lucky enough to get sent products to review and feature from PR companies, so the products (and odd item of clothing) you see reviewed are a mix of those that have been sent for consideration and those which I have purchased myself. My opinions are 100% honest and I never feature any products/brands that don’t sit with the general feel of my blog. I occasionally use affiliate links, which means that I would get a small commission if you were to purchase that particular item.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or queries please email me, leave a comment or tweet me ♥

Press samples

I do get sent press samples to review and love to try new products. My blog posts contain a mix of press samples and products that I have purchased with my own money. However, I only feature the products that I like! I will always be 100% honest about my reviews of any product, whether I was given the product or not.

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    I am so grateful for your post.Thanks Again.

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    Hi, Liked your blog. Wanted to get in touch with you for some information. Can you share your email address with me?

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