Instant Manicure with XpressON ♥

Instant Manicure with Xpresson ♥

Let’s talk nails and manicures today, so here’s a little fact about me you may not have known, I used to wear acrylic nails for a good seven years non stop (the shame!) People used to tell me how damaging they were for my nails but I used to say my nails simply did not grow and to a certain extent this was true. I am not sure what actually made me stop this addiction in the end but eventually I did. I then moved on to Bio Sculpture to keep my nails strong as they would grow but were very weak. When I was pregnant that is when I had the best nails, only to be told by the midwife I had to cut them straight after birth! Well she obviously did not know my nail history! Since then I have moved on to Shellac my nails are still very weak and Shellac keeps them strong.

Instant Manicure with Xpresson ♥

The problem is, when one nails breaks (usually a day or two before a big event I have been growing my nails for) the rest automatically look out of place. That one broken nail can ruin the entire look, agree? Allow me to introduce the brand new XpressON manicure. Within minutes you can have natural looking artificial nails which do not damage your nail bed and they last for up to seven days! To remove you simply flick them off and they can be reused with nail glue. Genius! They come in a handy little bottle which you can carry in your bag and if you break a nail or want an instant glamour fix, you simply stick them on in minutes.

Instant Manicure with Xpresson ♥

I’ll be honest, I have never really been a fan of stick on artificial nails but I think these XpressON nails are a great instant manicure for a quick fix. The XpressON manicure is a great new brand of salon quality instant press on nails they are available in 20 shades including a trendy matte black and french manicure. For now you can place orders through the Facebook page, soon there will also be a video tutorial.

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