My Desk side Beauty Essentials ♥

My Desk side Beauty Essentials ♥

Whether you are a beauty addict or not sometimes there is always moments when you have a little beauty emergency at work.

Here are my desk side beauty essentials, that have solved not only my own beauty SOS situations but other people in the office too!

  1. Mirror – it’s not always convenient to run to the ladies bathroom to check yourself in the mirror. I always like to keep a small mirror in my drawer, to check for food in my teeth, check my mascara hasn’t run and many contact lens wearers have borrowed it!
  1. Deodorant – for those hot days, stressful days and going for drinks straight after work days. It’s always good to stay fresh!
  1. Perfume – I just like to smell nice! I’d advise nothing to over bearing but just your work scent to re-spritz in the afternoon.
  1. Lip balm – offices always have AC or heating which out your lips. Keep your lips hydrated with a little lip balm.
  1. Hand cream – this is something people on the office always seem to ask for! In the winter my hands get so dry so I like to keep hand cream close by.
  1. Nail file – breaking or splitting a nail is an annoyance! Sometimes a split nail can get much worse if it’s not filed down and uneven nails can catch onto your tights and cause an even bigger disaster!
  1. Nail Polish remover wipes – this may seem a bit extreme but I think chipped nail polish looks so tacky. There has been so many times my polish has chipped and I feel like that’s all people are looking at in an important meeting (obviously they are more interested in the subject at hand!) I know just prefer to quickly remove the polish rather than live with the shame!
  1. Blotting Sheets – these are fabulous! It beats looking vain at your desk with your compact powder, just a quick afternoon blot and you’re good to go!
  1. Hair clip/ Invisibobble – I have long hair which looks all glamorous in the mornings but by the afternoon I just want it out of my face. I like to keep something on hand for these situations.

My Desk side Beauty Essentials ♥

What are your desk side beauty essentials? Is there anything I am missing? Comment below and let me know! Please be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for instant updates that go beyond the blog. Also be sure to subscribe to the blog here, so you are the first to know about new posts ♥

My Desk side Beauty Essentials ♥
My Desk side Beauty Essentials ♥
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