Sunday in Brent Cross and The Place to Eat ♥

Very rarely do I do a ‘Dear Diary’ or what we did at the weekend kind of post but yesterday myself and Baby A were invited to a Bloggers day out to Brent Cross Shopping Centre. There has been a lot of hype around the shopping centre lately due to the opening of the brand new artificial beach, unfortunately yesterday it was pouring down all day so we could not visit The Beach, Brent Cross but I cannot wait until we do! I actually used to work at Brent Cross many years ago and even then was impressed by the free parking and late opening times.

Sunday in Brent Cross and The Place to Eat ♥

Everyone’s favourite farm animal, Peppa Pig made a special appearance yesterday which drew in 100s of little fans (along with their parents of course) to the centre. After meeting Peppa, I took a very excited Baby A to the John Lewis cafe, The Place to Eat. The great thing about John Lewis speaking as a mum is that it is clean and there are nice healthy pack lunch options for kids as well as a variety of healthy snacks. Obviously all kids want something fun to do whilst eating, as if the eating itself isn’t enough but with the kids lunch they also get a small colouring set. I have to say I much prefer this to a cheap plastic toy which your purposely try to lose on the way home.

Sunday in Brent Cross and The Place to Eat ♥

We had a lovely Sunday in Brent Cross and lovely lunch in John Lewis along with some fellow mummy bloggers. As a beauty blogger and beauty addict I’m obviously interested in all the amazing brands in the beauty department, here is just a little reminder of some of the brands you can find at John Lewis ♥

bblogger awards

I am a finalist for the Beauty Blogger Awards and over the moon! Thank you to all that nominated me, I would be really grateful if you could please vote for me here, under the Best Designed Beauty Blog category. Please also be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for instant updates that go beyond the blog ♥

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