The Signature Lips of Timeless Beauty ♥

Remember the signature lips of Joan Collins in Dynasty and any interview or photo shoot from then on? Joan Collins is a strong woman with impeccable style. She is an actress, author, beauty expert and mother empowering woman to be strong and feel beautiful at any age. Bringing her knowledge of beauty to the table, […]

The Time Bomb has Landed ♥

With a new approach to skincare Time Bomb aims to stop the clock on your skin. This is a revolutionary 3-step system which will help to stop the signs of ageing. Starting with the Cleansing Cream, which is very mid but still removes all the dirt and make-up from your face. As it’s a cream, […]

Book yourself in for a Skinbreeze Facial ♥

After raving about the Skinbreeze serum last week I thought it was only right that I get booked in for the full Skinbreeze facial. This treatment offers five different technologies that dramatically improve the skin’s condition, obviously I had to give this a try. Especially as this treatment seems to be the must-have skin treatment […]

Addicted to Stylfile ♥

I enjoy doing my own nails but because I can’t sit still and being pressed for time I am always looking for quick and easy solutions. Lately I have been totally addicted to Tom Pellereau’s Stylfile range with user-friendly nail grooming accessories for beauty experts, emergencies and even a baby range. Here are a few […]

Skinbreeze the Flight Skin Saviour ♥

As some of you may know I recently did some road and flight tripping around the West Coast US, which entailed five flights within the space of two weeks. Some people may love the idea of this and although I had an absolute blast, I don’t like flying. It’s not that I’m scared of flying, […]

MAC Flawless Base Trio ♥

With so many beauty trends from one season to the next it is sometimes hard to keep up, but one trend that has been around for a few seasons now is to have flawless skin. Yes…it is still ‘all about that base‘ I will be doing a video on my favourite five foundations very soon […]

No Sweat Patches ♥ Beat the Heat

As much as we all love summer as mentioned in my #BackoffBeach post, we are faced to deal with not so pleasant things such as sweat. Yes I am going there, it’s time to have a little chat about sweat, sometimes it is not as simple as just wearing deodorant and getting on with it. […]

Get the Look with Lee Stafford’s Summer Range ♥

You may have seen pictures on my Instagram and Twitter that last week I was invited to Lee Stafford’s Soho apartment for breakfast. The apartment itself was amazing, very Rock ‘n’ Roll with an elegant touch of class. I made friends with two adorable pups, named Pants and Knickers (which had Baby A chuckling for […]

Smashbox ♥ Full Exposure VS Double Exposure Palette

When Smashbox first launched the Full Exposure Palette, I loved the look of it but I’ll admit I wasn’t rushing to buy it because I already had the Naked Palette and the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette so I thought I was done with neutral palettes. When I saw the Double Exposure palette I was […]

The Tua Spa Review ♥

Ladies (and gents) do I have a treat for you! I know you all love my posts on skincare and most importantly anti-ageing so today I am sharing with you my new beauty secret as of the past month or so. Let me introduce you to the non-surgical deep cleansing and anti-ageing system, the Tua […]

The All New SHOW Dry Salon

A couple of weeks ago trendy Notting Hill celebrated the opening of a brand new blow dry salon, SHOW. ‘SHOW Beauty is more than a luxury haircare brand, it is a lifestyle statement and a window into the often untouchable world of elite elegance.’ The salon itself is so glamorous, it has a celebrity dressing room […]

Get Big Glamorous Hair with Lee Stafford

It’s all about BIG glamorous hair or at least getting some volume and getting that volume to stay especially when you have long hair. I have some great products to show from the Lee Stafford Big Healthy Hair range so here is my very quick and easy video tutorial…enjoy! Related Posts & Videos My Contour […]

Mini Style ♥ Snowflakes and Sunflowers

A couple of weeks ago I came across a new brand of children’s clothings, empowered by creative and fun designs called Snowflakes and Sunflowers. Even though there is only three of us in my household we secretly also seem to have a sock monster! You know the sort, the monster that secretly eats your socks […]