Get the Glow Molecule ♥

Most of the skincare products I review are topical but I’m sure many of you must have heard before that beauty is skin deep and it is just as important to look after yourself from the inside. For the past couple of months I have been using Fountain’s Glow Molecule syrup as part of my […]

My Current Favourites ♥

When I was on a bloggong break, I did not have a May or June monthly favourites. I was however still trying new things and thought I would put together a video with all my current favourites and some new things I have been trying lately. I always have so much to share with you guys […]

Philips Lumea Prestige ♥ First Impressions

Today on the blog we are going there, with hair removal. Not many woman like to talk about it but let’s face it, it is a big part of our lives and we all want the easiest, painless and best methods to remove hair from unwanted places on our bodies forever. Apparently, 66% of us […]

Pretty Honest ♥ Book Review

Many of my friends would have heard me say a countless amount of times that ‘I don’t have time to read books. Pretty Honest however, is not a book. It is the beauty Bible! Let’s start with the book cover first, you know that good old saying to never judge a book by its cover? Well […]

A Brighter Smile with OSHUNwhite

Right, so this is a subject I have been meaning to cover for a while now on my blog but I wanted to find the right teeth whitening product to talk about. After many failed attempts of at home teeth whitening I think I finally have it! At various beauty shows I have come across so […]

Cheerz to Bringing Back the Polaroid ♥

If you remember a little post I did last year introducing an exciting new app called Cheerz where you can print photographs directly from your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Well this year Cheerz have launched their new product in collaboration with Polaroid, the Polaroid 3000. The Polaroid 3000 is a small rainbow printed box filled […]

Celebrating 40 Years of Brent Cross

This year Brent Cross Shopping Centre celebrates its 40th birthday! I have been visiting Brent Cross for around thirty years, I remember going there as a child, working there as a teenager and now I go there as it is a great shopping destination. I recently had a great day out in Brent Cross, experiencing […]

Pink & Rose Salon Review ♥

  I do love a new salon opening, I love the smell of fresh paint, the transformation of a salon space and especially when this is all on my doorstep in Pinner. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that a couple of weeks ago I went along to the all new […]

Best Home Buys for Spring

I actually only realised this, this year but I do love a Spring Clean. Every once in a while I have a good clear out of old stuff I no longer use (there is always so much even thought I do this so often!) This year I realised that is actually always around the beginning […]

My Top Blogging Essentials ♥

I have now been blogging for three and a half years and I am continually learning new things and picking new tips from other bloggers, writers and entrepeneurs. If you have read my post on how I started blogging you will know that I didn’t just start blogging over night. I had to get together some […]

Hope’s Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue ♥

‘Hope’s Relief’ intensive dry skin rescue cream is said to be one of the world’s leading natural creams carefully formulated to relieve eczema prone, itchy, cracked or dry skin. It is also said to have a good reputation amongst mums everywhere as it is gentle enough to use on all ages. As a beauty addict I […]

My Top Five Favourite Bloggers ♥

One thing is for sure, bloggers love bloggers! I definitely read a lot more blogs now with more interest than before I was a blogger myself if that makes sense. There are tons and tons of blogs out there all offering something a little bit different. I like blogs that look good, are easy to […]

My Jack Harvey ♥

With Mothers Day coming up I thought it was the perfect time to do this review, introducing Jack Harvey. Jack Harvey is a range of luxury home diffusers, with strong oil based scents which will leave your entire house smelling like a five-star luxury hotel. The packaging is to die for, each reed diffuser is […]