Hope’s Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue ♥

Hope's Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue ♥

‘Hope’s Relief’ intensive dry skin rescue cream is said to be one of the world’s leading natural creams carefully formulated to relieve eczema prone, itchy, cracked or dry skin. It is also said to have a good reputation amongst mums everywhere as it is gentle enough to use on all ages. As a beauty addict I am always trying out different products and skincare on myself but I am very careful with what I use on Baby A. She does not have eczema as such but tends to get dry patches sometimes on her arms and legs which she keeps scratching so the area gets irritated and the patch grows. When I was sent this cream I thought it was the perfect answer to these small skin irritations.

Hope's Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue ♥

I wasn’t overwhelmed by the packaging to be honest but this is not a luxury product, it is here for a reason. The cream itself is a clay type of colour and the texture is thick and creamy. I do not like the scent at all to be but Baby A seems to love it! She continually opens the tube just to smell it and looks forward to putting it on. Which I am quite happy for her to do as it is free from sodium laurel sulphates, parabens, coal tar, artificial colours and fragrances. It also does not contain mineral oils or petrochemicals which is good to know when using this lotion of newborn babies.

Hope's Relief Intensive Dry Skin Rescue ♥

This Intensive Dry Skin Rescue is very soothing to the skin because it is packed with natural active ingredients which includes; Hospital Grade Organic Manuka Honey NPA 10+, Gotu Kola, Aloe Vera, Organic Calendula and Licorice Root to repair damaged skin. I have noticed a good amount of difference just after a couple of months on quite minor skin problems but I do believe it would be great for eczema and other dry skin conditions judging by the consistency and naturalness of the lotion.

I know this is very popular in Australia, but have any of you in the UK used this? Please comment below and share your thoughts. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for instant updates that go beyond the blog. Also be sure to subscribe to the blog here, so you are the first to know about new posts ♥

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