Local Style ♥ Mad for the Monochrome Trend

James Lakeland

James Lakeland

Next week is New York Fashion Week, followed by London, then Milan and then the much anticipated Paris Fashion Week which is always saved until last. February is also the time when all the dribs and drabs from the sales are finally cleared off the shop floor to create space for the launch of the new Spring/Summer 2013 ranges. Let us put those frosty mornings and dark winter nights behind us and look forward to the new trends for this Summer!

With black timber framed buildings, the picturesque High Street of Pinner is already set for one of the biggest trends of this forthcoming season; monochrome. Seen on the catwalks of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, and Ralph Lauren but to name a few, everyone has gone mad for monochrome including James Lakeland on the High Street. Never shy of cutting edge designer pieces, James Lakeland houses bold prints, monochrome tones and versatile tailoring.

James Lakeland

James Lakeland

Marc Jacobs has embraced the monochrome trend with inspiration from the 60s, using checkerboard prints and contrasting buttercup yellow with white for Louis Vuitton. Other designers have used bold stripes, graphic prints and gone back to basics with effortlessly chic black and white which are key wardrobe staples for most. Black and White pieces give an instant look of glamour, mixing these pieces with prints and monochrome accessories puts you in the limelight for trend.

This is a trend to have fun with, it doesn’t mean just black and white but it is the art of contrast, which can extend from your wardrobe to your home décor inspiration. The use of art décor and other home accessories in monochrome gives your living space an instant uplift without a paintbrush in sight. The Scarlet and Jones website, still based in Pinner, homes some great black and white accessories ranging from wall stickers monochrome clocks to Spineless Classics prints.

James Lakeland

James Lakeland

Last month I may have said green is the new black which is true for the organic mind but Fashion is dynamic and therefore black is back ♥


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