No Sweat Patches ♥ Beat the Heat

No Sweat Patches ♥ Beat the Heat

As much as we all love summer as mentioned in my #BackoffBeach post, we are faced to deal with not so pleasant things such as sweat. Yes I am going there, it’s time to have a little chat about sweat, sometimes it is not as simple as just wearing deodorant and getting on with it. Sweating is natural and everybody sweats, usually a little more than usual when exercising, feeling over heated and even feeling nervous.

It’s quite often I have seen images of the most glamorous celebrities either performing on stage (totally acceptable to sweat!) or just posing for the red carpet. They look almost flawless but the fashion police is always watching and as soon as there’s a sweat patch you can be sure that it will be zoomed into and blown up for the gossip magazines. Even watching Eastenders, other soaps and sitcoms, sometimes you can notice sweat patches on the actors. So…the answer isn’t to wear more deodorant or to stop yourself sweating, it is to simply control these embarrassing moments using a No Sweat patch.

No Sweat Patches ♥ Beat the Heat

The no sweat patches can be worn discreetly under your clothes (with sleeves) and no one needs to know you are wearing them, they allow your skin to breathe whilst absorbing sweat which can lead to odour and stains on your clothes. What’s more you can stick them in the washing machine at 30° and use them again and again. They come in different sizes for men and woman and I have found they are very useful for dancers and fashion shows, so designers do not have to worry about their sample garments getting ruined by sweat patches (yes models sweat too!)

I honestly think these are a genius idea and have seen their popularity grow on social media and even bridal shows! The last thing a bride wants is to have sweat patches on the most important day of her life and for the groom to leave sweat patches on hired tails. No Sweat is the answer to staying fresh this summer!

Comment below if you think these are genius! I think this is one of the top tips for lifestyle on my blog yet, it’s not something we like to talk about but it’s a step closer to ultimate glamour ♥

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