Baby Style ♥ Zara Kids

In the past couple of years, luxury designer brands have gone gaga for kids and baby fashion; why not, it’s just too cute and people, not just celebrities are spending more and more money on kids fashion. With mini style icons such as Suri Cruise and Harper Seven Beckham it is too hard to resist […]

Secret Style ♥ Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a master of red carpet dressing, and she’s made it easy for her celebrity friends to follow her example by providing them with her own line of perfect dresses. From Beyonce to Eva Longoria, these women are loving Victoria Beckham’s style and designer attire. Those hidden corsets, bodycon dresses and that sharp […]

Busy Busy Beckhams

The Beckham’s are a busy bunch! With Victoria Beckham making an online debut this Spring which could mean a possible standalone store and further growth for her brand. The website will sell the Victoria Victoria Beckham line, eyewear, denim and accessories. With the bar of online stores set extremely high, Victoria and her web team […]