Time Bomb Hair Care ♥

If you have not seen any of my posts on Time Bomb skincare, take a look! You will love the range, especially if you are all about anti-ageing and stopping the clock so your skin stays looking as it is now. When I first found out that Time Bomb did a hair care range, the […]

Throwback Thursday with Time Bomb ♥

Anti-ageing is a topic I seem to cover quite a lot on the blog. I think once the 30s kick in women generally think about anti-ageing a lot more. When it comes to ageing, I always say prevention is better than cure therefore a good skincare routine is a must. So with that in mind, […]

The Time Bomb has Landed ♥

With a new approach to skincare Time Bomb aims to stop the clock on your skin. This is a revolutionary 3-step system which will help to stop the signs of ageing. Starting with the Cleansing Cream, which is very mid but still removes all the dirt and make-up from your face. As it’s a cream, […]